Application Deadline: 23 OCT 2020

About us:

Established in 2020, WeDerm is Hong Kong's 1st integrated care practice dedicated to serving moderate to severe eczema patients. Our integrated care approach is designed to address the medical gap for eczema treatment, based on the latest healthcare literature, professional advisors, first-hand patient experience and successful case studies. Our mission is to treat eczema for 1 million people by 2026. 

The opportunity:

We are looking to expand our team of health coaches who are passionate about transforming healthcare for chronic conditions like eczema using an integrated approach.

As a part-time Health Coach, you will generally work with two or more clients, dedicating three hours per client each month. There will also be a monthly coaching roundtable to exchange best practices with the entire health coach team.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a paid opportunity commensurate with your background. Upon selection, you will be assigned across three streams: (i) Junior Health Coach Team - undergraduate with healthcare background, (ii) Health Coach Team - nutritionist, experienced coaches, and (iii) Clinician Team - Licensed Pharmacist, Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse, Licensed Social Worker and Counselor.


What you'll do: 


  • Conduct health assessments and design personalized integrated care plans for patients

  • Facilitate behavioral change based on the internal lifestyle medicine intervention framework

  • Act as the source of motivation and encouragement to support recovery 

  • Facilitate peer support groups during eczema workshops

  • Participate in in-house training and stay updated with the latest scientific developments on eczema care

You'll need:

  • A fluent command of Cantonese, English, and Mandarin (optional)

  • An undergraduate degree or above, preferably in healthcare

  • Effective communication skills in a healthcare setting (e.g. clinical consultations, health coaching)

  • A genuine passion for helping others; is compassionate, friendly and open-minded

  • An intuitive ability to develop and support others; can adapt to different styles to meet the needs of individuals

  • NO affiliation with companies deemed counterintuitive to lifestyle medicine (e.g. you are not a direct sales agent for a third party company receiving commission for your product sales)


  • In-house training on integrated care for eczema*

  • First-hand experience with eczema patients and caregivers

  • Exposure to diverse patient populations across age and cultures

  • Complimentary team engagement activities and eczema goodies

  • Working with a team of healthcare practitioners who share a common passion!

*This is provided in your first two weeks of onboarding which is completed by all new joiners.


At WeDerm, we value bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop new and innovative solutions for patients. We do not select candidates based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, physical disability or any other legally protected characteristics.

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WeDerm Health Coach Recruitment

Applicable for Clinician Team, Health Coach Team, Junior Health Coach Team